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Triticum Aestivum Extract

For centuries people have depended for their survival on the nutritional resources of wheat. Now, with the groundbreaking applications of modern technology to this ancient food, we are also able to tap into the amazing powers found in wheat during its germination process.

What is Triticum Aestivum Extract?

The extract is made from germinated certified organic sprung wheat. It contains all the nutrients that are found in the germinated seed. The wheat changes during the germination cycle calling forth recuperative powers from within its own natural resources.

These nutrients are most accessible, both to the seed and to us at a very specific point in the germination process. This live and fragile mix is only found at this stage. It is then captured in the extract which is nutrient dense and rich in flavonoid precursors. Flavonoid precursors are natural components of plants that have strengthening and nourishing effects on the tissue building cells of the body.

How Does Triticum Aestivum Extract Work?

This total natural nutrient dense herbal extract provides homeopathic food transdermally, while promoting the healing of soft tissue injuries and reducing the painful effects of aging that are so common today.

Whenever you have an ache, simply, your body is lacking food/energy. Triticum Aestivum Spray is an airborne food/energy that can be applied to feed your body the nutrients needed to take away the ache. Triticum Aestivum Spray restores the ailing parts from the outside in. Even outside your clothing.

How Do I Apply Triticum Aestivum?

There are a variety of methods Triticum Aestivum can be applied depending on the aliment including as a spray or mixed with water. For more specific application methods see How to Use Nerves and soft tissue recover while you sleep, for the best results use before going to sleep.