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Many people have taken the time to share how Triticum Aestivum has improved their lives and the people around them. Below are testimonials from people who have used Triticum Aestivum and how it has made a difference.

Wound Recovery

3 photographs of the remarkable wound recovery of a horse using Triticum.Terry B
Terry sends us his testimonial of Triticum being applied to a major wound to aid in the recovery process. Click the image above for full details!


Betty Sutherland

My husband likes to play golf. He uses Triticum aestivum for pain management and to become more flexible.

Alan Graff

I have been using this wonderful product on my family and friends for over three years. It is great on a lot of different complaints. I use it on my wife's back before we go to bed and it helps her help me on our farm.

Phyllis Kerridge

I have a crippling form of arthritis. My son and daughter in law helped me find and use TA during my four week holiday in Canada. I used it in my daily bath, humidifier, and sprayed my back before sleep. I am now home in England and use it in my early morning bath everyday. I definitely have more movement and less pain. Yesterday, I had a visitor who had very bad arthritis, new hips, knees etc. and his elbow was aching. I sprayed him and after only a couple of minutes, he could actually clench his hand into a fist, which he had not been able to do for a long time.


Minnie Kliever

It is one year ago since I first contacted you. In my desperation with fibromyalgia someone from Chilliwack sent me your ad. I then went on line & read about you & your product & sent you an email asking who in Winnipeg carried your product. I bought it & immediately began using it, although the concept of 'just spraying' was a stretch when the pain was so great. I remember the day you took time to phone me [just before flying off to London] & you so graciously encouraged me, with a reminder that it would take at least a year before I would notice anything. July 19 the pain stopped & here I am today, Jan.23...still PAIN FREE! How very grateful I am and have told anyone who wants to listen. Thank you again, not for the pain you had to go through to help us, but for your determination to seek help & then to pass it on. I know there is no cure, & still spray every night, and also have moved into a place that has an indoor pool so I can exercise in that way. God bless!

Anne Stevens

I started using the product to help with my fibromyalgia. It really helped me. I had tried lots of other products with no success. Since then I have started using the TA spray before and after my excercise workouts. It helped with my flexability, breathing and focus. This stuff is not only for pain!

Tina Ray

I am a mother of three active children and unfortunately have fibromyalgia resulting from two car accidents. Ten years ago I severely injured my right shoulder and neck. I also suffer from migraine headaches and muscle spasms, some that last 2 weeks. After using the spray, one massive headache was eased. I was told that the spray was not an instant fix product for my fibromyalgia but I decided to give it a good long try. After three or four days use, my husband noticed a marked improvement. He felt that I was more relaxed and sleeping better. I especially like using TA in my evening bath and really feel it helps take away the aches.

Secura Tracy

The last seven years I have been suffering with fibromyalgia. I was semi-confined to my bed for an entire year, and had to start using experimental drugs. I heard about TA on Calgary Radio and after only 10 days of using this external spray, I felt free from the confines of fibromyalgia. I have been a dedicated user for about six years.


Rod Cicori

The application of TA spray has had extraordinary results. The arthritis and sore tendons no longer impede my enjoyment of walking and now I can go golfing. The original injury was 50 years ago and more or less resulted in a clubbed foot. This was more tha serious when I re-injured it a year ago. Now there is 99% relief.

Pain Relief

Wanda Mitchell

I work for a chiropractor and one of our patients told me about TA spray. She has a hip prosthesis that was causing pain and after only four applications, the pain has gone.

Usual Aches and Pains

Bea Reoch

This germinated wheat spray really works for all sorts of problems. I am 81 years old and have the usual aches and pains. I use it with good effect for local pain management.

Work Related Aches and Pains

Roger Lewis

I was recently given a bottle of Triticum Aestivum spray, and I am impressed. My line of work as a stunt man, horse trainer and professional rodeo cowboy amounts to many aches and pains. I have been having problems sleeping because of pain but since using the TA, I have been sleeping through the night. I am also a horse chiropractor and was working on a horse when a lady introduced me to the spray. The horse I was working on had extremely tight muscles, which makes it very hard to adjust its back. She sprayed the horses back and he relaxed almost immediately. Thank You!

Chronic Pain

Jane Day

My mother recommended I use TA spray in my bath for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. I had a good soak and found that I was pain free for the first time in months. Since then, each time my neck tightens up, I just spray for relief. I regularly go to the Chiropractor for adjustments, and found that spraying just before treatments relaxes my muscles so that corrections are made much easier. I have been a school teacher for 33 years and find that my ankles now swell quite frequently. I use TA spray during my lunch break and within 30 minutes, the swelling is reduced. I thank my mom for recommending this product that's great for helping me though my day!