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Greg MillerDesperately seeking pain relief, founder Greg Miller, in his early 30’s was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. His condition like that of most Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers was compounded by his incapacity for soft tissue renewal during sleep. The medications prescribed by his doctors exacerbated his health problems with the side effects he experienced. Through a proactive approach over the next few years Greg was able to manage his arthritis with the development of Triticum Spray. He now dedicates his time to promoting his tried and tested natural solution to managing the effects of arthritis.

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Extensive research confirms the body is composed of life force energies that balance soft tissue, muscle, nerve and blood systems. Disease and injury obstruct energy flow preventing effective circulation of soft tissue fluids. For centuries people have depended on the enormous nutritional resources of wheat for their survival. Energy and recuperative powers area released in during the process of germination, increasing the rate of metabolism. Greg Miller has captured this energy by blending the germinated wheat extract with water, and developed Sprouting Health’s Triticum aestivum, a transdermal spray.

Triticum Aestivum contains the beneficial enzymes, nutrients and amino acids that penetrate the body and absorb readily into the cell. Spraying the affected area with Triticum spray accelerated the circulation of soft tissue fluids, both empowering and easing the pain and tension thereby propelling the flow of our natural life-force energy.

Over the last two decades Greg and his revolutionary spray have enabled countless people to regain their health and improve their quality of life. Greg’s story inspires many people and been the topic of several magazine articles and radio shows. Below are links to selected articles about Greg’s development and use of Triticum spray during his road to recovery.